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Gateway Soft Magic: Blue w/Flag Stamp

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Price: $10.99
Item Number: Mag-Flag-101

All discs weigh 173-175 Grams. 

You may request Specific weights and we will do our best to fill them.

  These discs will sometimes vary slightly in color.

The Magic is one of our most popular putters, and one of the best all-around discs for both new players and those with more experience. It is a straight-flying putter/approach disc that can be easily used by beginners because of its great glide and small amount of low speed fade. This is also an easy disc to turn over and will hold just about any line it is thrown without hyzering out.

The Magic has a blunter nose than the other Gateway putters, which allows it to maintain longer spinning action thanks to the added gyroscopic weight distribution in the rim.