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Gateway Eraser Wizard: Orange w/Blue Shatter Stamp

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Price: $10.99
Item Number: Wiz-Blue-500
Manufacturer: Gateway Discs

All discs weigh 170-172 Grams. 
You may request Specific weights and we will do our best to fill them.

These discs will sometimes vary slightly in color.

S-Series (Eraser): This Special Run plastic is similar to Super Stupid Soft in flexibility, with a "gummier" almost pencil eraser feel.

The Wizard is a straight flying, stable, putt and approach disc. This disc will hold any line you put it on with very little fade. It has very good carry for an approach disc and is great off the tee. Whether you use it for putts, approaches, short range drivers, or all three, the Wizard is a very consistent and accurate flyer. Great disc in wind conditions.